Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Fashion

It's Spring ... if only in the fashion world. For the past two seasons I've been doing some catalog work for Hu's Shoes and their clothing store a block away, Hu's Wear - two very fine, very hot little boutiques in G-Town. If you ever want to learn how to light fast and light well, catalog work is an experience you need to have. I've posted a few of my favorites here:

( ... and in case you are wondering, I've very much learned to appreciate some of these very cool shoes.)

The basic idea when working with a white background is to light the model and the background separately. That's the only way to get the exposure you are looking for for both. Usually this means having a bit of distance between the two. I used a touch of high-pass filter in PS on these just for fun (You can see the "unfiltered" version on Hu's site). Very little, however, was done to touch up the background - just at the models feet

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