Monday, September 28, 2009

Festival Month

I made it up to Mount Pleasant for the Latino Festival yesterday. There are a lot of festivals in September - Adams Morgan Day, H St Festival, Ren Fair just to name a few - all with requisite crafts, crowds, lemonade stands, and a variety of foods grilled and/or fried and consumed on a stick. Few in my mind compared to the spectacle of the Latino Fest yesterday. I made it to the Ren Fair the day before - brought my film camera with high hopes, but feeling a bit uninspired, I managed only a few shots. Yesterday I topped 800 with my digital - so many bright colors and open faces, and genuine pride conveyed by each participant. It made me feel like I was seeing something very special.

All and all probably a few too many pictures, but ... so much to see. I hope you take a bit of time to view the rest of the set here, and better yet see it for yourself when September comes around again.