Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Style Profile (#3)

Damn ... It's been a long while since I put one of these up. I've been busy, busy with "work" photography and much less so with things that I care to put up on line. At some point I'm sure they will make it ... For now another Brightest Young Things shoot.

BYT has been working on a list of best dressed - I've been told the list's origins, but it slips my mind. I've wanting to work on some editorialish, fashiony, portrait-type work for a bit now. I love people and lighting and I am looking to find a way to take my technique up - and especially to see if I can discover the limitations of the lighting gear that I own - happily I think I still have some room to grow. When I was asked if I would be willing to do some photography for this project I jumped at the chance. The shots here are from the 3rd shoot, Tyler Lee Larish, a stylist with Immortal Beloved in Logan Circle. I'll be sure and get some pics of the other two shoots at some point.

Here are a few of my favorites from the interview - go here for the BYT post.

The rest are on my flickr page.

For 2 of the interior shots I was lighting with 3 speedlights - one light aimed at the wall behind the camera to create an ambient light level, the second with an umbrella aimed at the subject for a bit of fill (the light that created the ambient tended to be the strongest source in the small space - I suppose I could have reversed it, but that's the set up that I liked that I "found" first. Or, maybe it isn't as easy as I think, because I was trying to stay with a small f-stop??), the third light with a snoot aimed at the subject to get a bit of punch on the face and to create a little vignette in the frame.

I was really happy with the play of hard and soft shadows and the evenness of the light. The speedlights are a bit hard to control with the slow recycle time, but I think it turned out well ... with a happy accident or two - note my elbow shadow in the first portrait. My next goal is to try to add some shadows with a bit more intent and to control the shadows and specular on the background a bit more. I'm renting a studio for an afternoon with some friends next Monday, hopefully I'll be able to work on this and a few other things then.

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