Monday, August 10, 2009

We're Movin' to the Country

Sadly, just a week of house sitting in southern VA, so a taste is all it was. We packed ourselves and some light provisions plus our 2 dogs and 3 ferrets, and we drove 4 hours, past cell phone coverage and past the range of a reasonably speedy internet. Our final destination 2 acres of land and our friends country cottage where we joined our cadre with their 3 country dogs, 4 chickens, a horse and an old orange tabby. Not really much to do but eat fresh - eggs from the hens and blackberries, just past season - sit under the walnut trees while listening to the finches and the humming birds - walk through the neighboring tree farm - laze in the river, not even a rope swing to get things moving. (more here - warning - many, many dog shots)

( Yes, that is a horse turd in my dog's mouth)

6 second hand held shot under the full moon.

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