Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Honfleur - Impressions of an Art Opening

I attended a fun photo opening at a very special little gallery in Anacostia last weekend. You can read about the Honfleur Gallery here. The show was a collaboration between 4 pairs of local fashion designers and photographers and was co-produced by Rachel Cothran (Project Beltway) and Heather Goss (Ten Miles Square).

WARNING: Photo Geek Stuff Ahead (Please feel free to skip ahead and just look at the photos.)

In my continuing effort to deconstruct the "art-gallery-event-opening" genre of photo journalism (just kidding - sort of - but see here anyway) I handheld my rangefinder camera set to f16 at 1/2sec. and finished off a role of Delta 3200. f16 gave me a DOF of between 8' and infiniti - so basically I just set it and snapped away.

The idea came from an image that I took while in the Dominican Republic. The image is sharp in places, but it also has a softness from both the DOF and from a slower shutter speed - probably about 1/30 of a second. I really found myself being drawn into the photo, and I wanted to try and recreate the effect - plus the rangefinder isn't a whole lot of fun to focus.

So ... here's a quick selection. The rest here.

... and one last photo, the only one of the bunch where I changed the exposure or focused - really just happy about this one, because I guessed at the camera settings based on the pics from the Easter shoot the previous weekend.

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