Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Piano

Quiz time:

You are a professional photographer. A friend who you havn't spoken to in several weeks (Mike, I don't care if you have been in Tanzania all month) calls you up, because he needs help moving Joys piano. Do you:
  1. Reply "Hey sure, how hard could that be?"
  2. Confuse him with the line rhetorically sticky line about "a friend in need"
  3. Tell him your back if feeling a bit tweaked and you hurt your shoulder throwing the tennis ball for the dog - not entirely untrue.
  4. Explain to him that you are a photographer and do not work for free.
  5. Grab your camera and go.
Continue on for the answer.

It's a beauty, made in the mid 1800's in London.

Why does Joy look so worried ...

... Oh ... right.

It was a bit tight. Lucky for everyone I had my leatherman in my camara bag, so they could remove the top and get it into the back of the van.

We still almost lost Rob.

Justin's new facebook photo?

Faux-hawk portraits.

Doesn't look that heavy to me. In case you were wondering I did ask them to turn the piano around, so the back wasn't facing me. These guys were so not on the ball.

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